Why do I cough after I eat?

Why do I cough after I eat?
Why do I cough after I eat?

Why do I cough after I eat?

Why do I cough after I eat? Is that what you worry about at meal time? This may be making you very nervous about eating a meal.

Coughing after eating is a common problem that some of us face. But why do you cough after you eat?

To answer your question ‘why do I cough after I eat?’, you must note that there could practically be many reasons why you cough after you eat. It could be something to do with the food you ate or its temperature or how it was cooked. It may also to do something with your health.

The below may provide some possible answers for your question Why do I cough after I eat? These may also help you explain why you have phlegm after eating.

Do I need to see a doctor if I wonder why do I cough after I eat?

When you often find yourself coughing after eating, you obviously wonder why do I cough after I eat. It is important you start thinking of ways to treat the condition. What you can do to deal with your cough after eating may depend on your specific situation.

If the cough is mild and not frequent, you may try some home cough remedies. If you think the cough after food is getting worse, you may want to try some OTC cough medicines.

In cases where you find yourself coughing after eating for a long time, you must definitely see a doctor. You must see a doctor as soon as you can and ask him why I cough after I eat.

Please do not self-diagnose and treat yourself. You must see a doctor as soon as possible.

Does GERD make me cough after I eat?

Yes. GERD is the most common cause for coughing after eating.

GERD is the case where some of the part-digested food from your stomach is trying to enter your esophagus. This irritates the throat so your body responds with cough to get rid of the irritation.

GERD cough is usually accompanied by some chest pain after eating.

When you notice you have such symptoms, you must see a doctor for advice. The doctors would investigate why food from stomach is entering into throat.

Common possibilities include situations where your stomach muscles are opening up the entry into stomach after you eat or they are not closing at all.

A doctor can investigate and help you with your GERD cough.

Am I coughing after eating due to allergy?

Allergy to certain foods or the way they are cooked can be a reason for your coughing after eating.

When your body gets in contact with an allergen, it responds by triggering a cough to expel the foreign substance.

Allergy can sometimes cause constant dry cough that sounds like a post viral cough. Whatever the allergic cough sounds like, it is important to find out why you cough after you eat.

When you suspect that you have a cough due to a food allergy, the best thing for you to do is see a doctor and seek medical advice. A doctor can do some allergy tests on you to establish what allergies you have and advise you on your cough after eating.

You can also keep a food list that causes you to cough so you can avoid such food.

Am I coughing after eating because I have an infection?

Sometimes infections in your body can also cause you to cough after you eat or chest pain after eating.

If you are coughing after eating and suspect you have an infection, please see a doctor. The doctor may ask you to take some pathology tests and prescribe you the right medicine for your infection.

Sometimes doctors may give a medicine for your cough too.

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